First Blog Post

My first post

This is my first post here at the Celtic Sheltie and Friends. I want to use this space to write about things I think you, my readers, will like to read about. Things like the Celtic Sheltie crew. The Celtic Sheltie crew is made up of my two Shelties, Sophie and Sadie, and our Maine Coon, Acacia Coonie.

There are other members of the household, but they aren’t part of the crew. The crew stays with me when I’m working on jewelry, home décor, fiber goods. I’m expanding the Celtic Sheltie shop on Etsy for items other than my jewelry and home décor. I wanted to try to stick to a certain niche, but that seems not to be working for me. However, I am noticing an increase in likes over at the Celtic Sheltie facebook page. The facebook group by the same name as the blog here has a few fans and I appreciate them so much. I will continue posting there, on the page, and here. I’ll also write about my Sheltie girls along with some informational posts on Shelties and dogs in general. I’d like to write about my Maine Coon, Acacia, maybe add some informational stuff about them as well. In turn I also want to write about the projects I’m doing whether for The Celtic Sheltie or just for us here in the Celtic Sheltie. Stay tuned.

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