Ripley, the Dragon

Ripley, the Heather Green Dragon

This is Ripley, above, he’s another dragon I’ve been working on. Ripley is so named because he comes from an unfinished project. This was in yarn given to us by a lady my mom was caregiver to. Plus, I had some ripping out or frogging as it’s called now to do on Ripley himself.

The front of Ripley. His head shield isn’t quite the way I wanted it.
Closeup, Ripley’s eye

Ripley’s color is called heather green, but it’s a lot bluer than compared to the heather greens of today. The green contrast yarns are also older, at least thirty years, but maybe more.

Ripley and his sibling, who will be the next dragon made with this heather green yarn will be the only two with this yarn color I’ll ever make. This yarn is obsolete. However, it did work to make a really cool dragon.

Ripley is made from yarn called Wintuk Sports. I’ve discovered that Wintuk is a one hundred percent Orlon yarn. What is Orlon you may ask? Orlon was the first acrylic yarn, created by Dupont. Its origins start in 1941. The yarn’s origins start in the fifties and end in 1969. I’m not sure what year Ripley’s yarn was made. The label I salvaged from the only skein still intact shows that it was sold by Mongomery Wards. I can’t find anything about Wards ever selling yarn, but I may not have found the right keywords, yet to bring up anything.

I still have more yarn that came from the lady my mom took care of. She was in a car accident nearly thirty years ago and was paralyzed from the waist down. She used to make all kinds of things, but after the accident all that went by the wayside and the yarn she had stashed was just sitting. When she found out mom knitted, and I crochet and knit she gave mom the yarn. It’s mostly sports or dk I think is the other size name.

What do you think of Ripley? Do you know anything about the yarn I’m talking about?

Until next time.

4 thoughts on “Ripley, the Dragon”

  1. That’s amazing work, Cassie. The yarn you’re using, I believe, was used primarily for socks and mitts. I used to knit A LOT in my day. Even made a bathing suit, if you can believe it. I gave it up when the aunt who taught me died. she was in the middle of knitting a cat sweater for my daughter when she passed away. they found it in out her lap. I haven’t been able to knit since. Too painful memories. You’ve done an AMAZING job!

    1. So sorry to hear about you aunt and that being the reason you stopped knitting. I know you’re right about the yarn. It is sock, sport, or dk as they call it now, used to make socks, of course, and other projects that require a lighter weight yarn. What I found fascinating is that this yarn is possibly older than I am, and I just turned fifty. So, that is an interesting thing. And it’s label shows it was some of the first acrylic yarn. Anyway, you read that in the blog. The dragon turned out great and I am happy with it.

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