Celtic Leaves

My newest copper wire creations are leaves corresponding to the trees of the Celtic zodiac. Now, the Celtic zodiac appears to be a more modern construct and not one of the ancient Celts. It may be a wholly made up thing or it may have drawn on ancient Celtic beliefs. However it came about, I like the idea and the correspondences that belong to Celtic astrology. Anything I make to correspond with this or anything Celtic is from inspiration drawn from the Celtic people, their society, etc.

My pieces are Celtic inspired. That means they are my idea come to life not copied from the Celtic world. I hope that these items that I’m inspired to make will hit a chord with people. I have a few friends and others that have liked what I make and that is awesome. The selling side, however, is slow. That is okay though, I have only been doing this for money for a year and a half. It takes a while to make a name and get a brand out there. This is not what I want to talk about here. I want to inform people and show off what I make. I am a creative first and a seller second. Though, there is a reason I want to sell. That is to help my husband keep our household afloat. That is something I posted about in my first or second post and may post again later some more about that in a life post.

So, back to my leaves. They are inspired by Celtic astrology and the trees used for its symbols.

These leaves are made from copper wire bent to follow a leaf pattern I made. Once this wire leaf is created I finish by making a bail for a pendant that can hang on a cord or chain and wire wrapping to keep it secure. I hammer this leaf shape to flatten and lend strength to the wire. After that I use smaller gauge wire to make the veins of the leaf, adding colored beads and gemstones that correspond to the color and stone of the sign that leaf goes to. To complete these leaves I antique them by using live of sulfur to darken the copper, then polish to get the shiny copper back and leaving the depressions of the item darker, giving the piece character.

You can find these for sale here, but I’ll share pictures of all of them right in this post so you can see without going to my shop. Soon, I’ll also be adding these to Amazon handmade and in the future have my own site to sell from.

For now, enjoy the leaves and let me know what you think about them. Feedback is welcome as long as it’s constructive and helpful. I don’t allow mean or hateful remarks.

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