Challenge: Creating Habits

Creating Habits

Do you ever notice that when you want to try something, learn something, that there is so much information out there that it can be overwhelming? There are so many different views on how to (subject here) that as you read through each person’s blog articles, course material, etc. that there are no two things alike, similar yes, but there is always a difference that leaves you thinking that I just can’t do this. I’ve done that with a few diets I’ve purchased how-to information from, just to find out that indeed they are only out to make money and not help at all. 

Who do I believe, who can I trust? I have some great friends and people I work with, but other than that I’m not sure where to turn at times. 

That’s where I’m at with my endeavors. I feel lost and hopeless.

I didn’t even know what I was going to write for a blog post. I made myself the promise there would be two blog posts a week. I only did one last week, we are to the middle of the week, and I have yet to post anything. 

I need to take a deep breath, step back, and look at how I do things. I am not organized, which I need to be. I don’t have any kind of schedule, and I need one. The only thing I do have on task is taking the dogs out for their morning duties, feeding the chickens, giving out the excellent morning pet treats that my Shelties and their kitty friends love so much, and then my mom’s vital stats and blood sugar. After that my routine and schedule fly the coop, so to speak, until the evening when it’s time for the dogs to go out and do their evening duties and have playtime. I also feed the bunnies that live around the property. 

Also, if I have an assignment from Shaun, who I write blog posts for, I do that in the morning as well. Research first day, writing a draft second day and if I like it, I edit and send. If I feel it needs more, I work on it and then pass along on the third day. He gives me three days usually. The newest post, he didn’t give a deadline because it is a different format than what he’s given me before. Looks like that will be a four-day project. 

So, now that I’ve gotten that out, perhaps I can take you all on my journey of finding how to incorporate the tasks I need to get done into some semblance of order, and schedule days and times to do them. 

My husband told me if I just set up a schedule, I could get my tasks done. 

Okay, I already know how most mornings start out. I get up, take the girls (dogs) out for their morning potty, I feed the chickens and come back in. Once inside, I give cookies (treats) to the girls and the cats. After that, I grab my bag with the blood pressure cuff, Mom’s prescriptions for the day, and head over to her house. She lives on the same property so, there is no commute, just a short walk across the yard. 

Once I get back to the house, that is when things become disorganized. 

Starting tomorrow, which is Wednesday, I’ll add one thing to my morning routine. The first thing is taking the trash out to the road, but that’s only once a week, and it’s already a task that is on schedule. What can I add? I can add cleaning the cat box each morning before I do anything else. After that maybe vacuuming the area rugs and sweep the floors. Even my dishes don’t get done on a regular schedule, which could be quickly done if I just do it. That could be another morning task. 

How is adding household duties going to help me with my business and other work? Well, I figure if I get the household stuff out of the way every day, those tasks will be out of the way and not nagging me to get them done. That will give me the energy to think about the other stuff that needs doing. 

What about working on jewelry, décor, my amigurumi? What about the classes (online) I’ve paid for, but never sat and gone through any of them? They are anything from jewelry making, to photography, to digital drawing, to learning coding, to learning SEO, which I still have no clue about. The photography and SEO classes are for my business. Some courses are for my own learning. Plus, I take lessons at magickalcircleschool.com. I’m learning Ogham writing, Astrology, and Herbalism. I need to get those scheduled in, too. 

Now that I’ve more than likely bored you to death. I’ll get back to the challenge for myself. 

First, I need to figure out just what I must do to make things work.  

I will blog twice a week. At least once will be an update on my organizing and scheduling progress. 

I will add a household chore and do it at a set time or times each day until it becomes a habit. I think they say it takes at least twenty days before you keep a practice going. 

I will figure out and add business tasks, creative tasks, and learning tasks and add at least one of those a day and keep doing it until it becomes a habit as well. 

So, three things added to my list. 

I’m feeling a better now. Thanks to any of you who read this whole thing. I hope I didn’t bore you to tears. I am feeling hopeful about the things I want to do and get done. 

I’ll be back in by Sunday with my new list and an update on how it goes. 

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