Challenge: Keeping Up Habits

My Horoscope for Sunday was about habits and routines, and the diligence and discipline it can take to make them stick. This was written up and ready to post Sunday and then my computer decided to act up. All fixed now and here is the rest of Sunday’s post.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

by Tarot.com Astrologers

9.22.19: A new habit or routine requires diligence and discipline before you feel comfortable with it. You are likely motivated to improve your quality of life by following a regular workout regimen or feasting on a healthy diet now. But your current focus absorbs so much energy and time that it could end up as an exercise in frustration before too long. You might end up worrying about your efforts rather than cultivating enthusiasm for your eventual success. Keep drilling with gusto and visualize positive results. Musical virtuoso Vladimir Horowitz wrote, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice.”

Since Wednesday, I have added a few things to the list of habits I’d like to set up, keep up, and master. The few days left in this week had me working mostly on household things I can get done quickly and efficiently if I just plan on and then do them. So far, I am four days for four. That is exciting to me.

I had a more extensive article from Shaun to do this week. It took five days including the time it took him to look at my first edited draft and him sending it back for some extra work. This was the first time I’ve ever written a review article. So that was a long one. Any other work items I could have added to my list had to be set aside. Now, the reason I worked so hard on the article is it is the only thing I am doing right now that brings in steady money. It’s not much, but it’s mine, and I do use it to help our household keep going and keep subscriptions I use for my business going. I am going to more than likely become an affiliate at a couple of places to add to my blog so that I might monetize it.

So, I am keeping up on the habits I listed in my Wednesday post. I am looking to add some course work to my list this next week. I’ll let you know next Sunday how I am doing.

On Wednesday I want to write something with a more creative flair.

See you then.

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