Not as Planned

Today I fully intended on taking some pictures of this phoenix I crocheted and post about it from all his cool little parts to the finished firebird he is to become. He is still in his baggy waited to be put together.

I had a rough night last night, didn’t get to sleep until one am, which isn’t too bad, I was up at seven. The whole thing started with a course I am taking to help me get my business right. This one is to find my ideal customer. I never really got through that when I started my shop. Anyway, yesterday something when I was going through this on lesson, I had what I call my switch, flip. What I mean is I was fine, and then suddenly I wasn’t. Not sure what happened except that I am just not sure who my ideal customer is exactly, and the lesson was about listing the features of my products and then listing the benefits these features off to my ideal customer. I was fine, it was a bit hard to figure out what to write. I was listing features and then benefits and suddenly I was just angry and depressed. I cried.

I tend to have these episodes. I don’t like them, but I do have them.

Anyway, I fully intended on this being about the Phoenix. Instead it is about me having one of my stormy episodes. At least I didn’t do a full-on explosion, which can happen.

So, maybe on Sunday I can post a creative type post and somewhere in there I can update on my habits progress.

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