Penix the Phoenix

The Phoenix

I have told you all for the last two weeks that I’d get a post written about the Phoenix I crocheted. The patterns from Crafty Intentions are fantastic. I can’t wait to get more and work on these beautiful creatures.

I made this Phoenix for one of my cousin’s little boys, well not so little anymore. He’s seven. 

There’s a story behind the reason I made the Phoenix for him. He went to his grandma, my aunt, and asked her what those birds were that burned up and then came back were called. My aunt told him they were called Phoenix’s. He told her, no, he didn’t think so, he thought they were called Penix’s. That gave us all a laugh because Penix is quite close to another word.

After that, I told my mom that I could get a pattern for a phoenix and make him one. Then I decided I’d better make his older brother something. So, he’ll get a dragon.

I took pictures of the bird in pieces before I put him together and then took a few as I was putting him together. He has some purple and pink feathers because my baby cousin likes pink. So, I figured this guy needed a bit of pink. The purple keeps him from looking too much like Valentine’s day gift. Not that that is bad.

These creatures are what they call amigurumi in Japanese. These patterns that Megan at Crafty Intentions puts together are more than mere stuffed animals, they are realistic, and most use wire in them to make them posable. However, some can be done without wire for small children. I am in love with Megan’s patterns, and she comes up with new ones all the time. Not sure how she does it. Check out her Crafty Intentions Amigurumi and Crochet Community.

So, onto the Phoenix himself.

Penix’s parts

I crocheted all his pieces and laid them out. I made several head decorations so I could see what I liked best. You can create as many tail feathers as you want. I did four large feathers, and I think I did six small ones, but decided to use only three, maybe four. I used knitting worsted weight yarn, which made the feathers large and thick. Sock yarn or DK yarn may work to make more feathers. It’s entirely up to you.

Body and Feet put together, the wires coming out are to support his wings. Mine weren’t long enough.
Front of body and feet.

Once Penix’s feet were attached to body I could start adding his head, finish his beak, and add wings and tail feathers. On this guy I didn’t use the wire that was supposed to run from his butt to the end of his main, big feather. It didn’t seem necessary for a seven year old boy. I also at the point had to add wire for the wings as I didn’t the wire from the feet long enough. The wire from the feet also run through the body and out through the shoulders to support the wings. Next time I’ll know not to cut the wire.

Front facing with head and beak attached.
Side view left
Side view right

Please excuse the sleeping Sheltie in the background. I need to start setting up a spot to take pictures without household backgrounds. Anyway, this is Penix with his head and beak finished, and you can see his fixed wing wires as well.

Head feathers

The above image is with the head decoration I chose. I like it. There is also a three feather head decoration. I also thought about doing a fuzzy head decoration, but this seven feather one won out.

Now on to the fun part, this makes him look a hundred times better. Ready? Wings and Tail.

Front view finished
Back view finished
Side view finished

Tada! There he is all finished, Penix the Phoenix. What do you think? I’d love to do one with some realistic, flame looking yarn. Or maybe one with icy colored yarn for an ice Phoenix. Possibly even one with a magic flame color. Something you see in fantasy type games or movies.

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