Habits Update

It’s been a while since I posted about habits. Mine is going well, I think. I have missed a few days, but don’t beat myself up about it. I just go on. I do what I’ve missed when I remember.

I’ve added walking with my Sheltie girls, Mom, and her dog each morning. That’s about two thousand steps, which in the scheme of things doesn’t sound like much, but it’s two thousand more than I was doing. Plus, I must consider the other walking I do during the day. I’ve gotten it up to just over five thousand steps a day, I need to add another five thousand to get to what they say are my weight loss steps. I need to drop about fifty damn pounds. This isn’t about that. This is about habits.

As I said, I have added walking to my routine. I have been waking up early and getting a few things done before the day gets started. This morning, since hubby wasn’t in the bed, I stripped it and re-made it with fresh sheets before anything else. It feels good to have that done and not worry about getting it done sometime before bedtime rolls around, again.

I like the early morning, especially if I can get a little time to myself as well as getting something out of the way before everyone is up and going. It’s especially peaceful before the sun is up. I have time to contemplate the day, the thoughts in my head, try to get a grasp on wayward emotions if they rear themselves.

My habits may not seem like much, but they are the things I feel need to be part of my daily routine. They keep the house running smoothly. My next habit to get into is to plan, execute, and finish projects or items that I say I’m going to do rather than just talk about them. That is where walking in the morning came from. I need to get this weight off to be healthier. I’ve talked and talked about needing to walk. Finally, the day before yesterday mom said she would walk with me and the girls if I wanted. She and her dog walk each morning anyway. It makes me feel so lazy. By the time we walk half our property three times, she and Oof (Mom’s dog) have walked six rounds.

What are some habits you might be working on? Do you mind sharing? Nothing is too small or too large to mention. I’d like to hear from you.

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