Brighter Tomorrow

It’s almost Christmas. I haven’t really had good Christmas since my sons died. I wish everyone well and send them all the warmest holiday hugs. My real friends and family will understand what I mean by having a rough time and still wishing everyone a warm holiday season. The holiday season is tough for me. It will never, ever be the same.
I’m going through personal issues as well. I am trying to get my business, The Celtic Sheltie in shape and running as it should. I only had part of the things needed to have a legal business. I am working on that through the course I am taking. I want to be able to sell some things that I make and make a living. I have yet to hit on something that appeals to people. I have two excellent, loyal friends that never let me down. They buy from me, and I love that. However, I have only had two or three non-family or friend sales. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad my family and friends support me.
I also signed up at freelancer and guru to see if I might be able to get some work there. I have one man in England who I’m writing articles for. He has two pet blogs, one for Persian cats and one for Chinchillas. He is fantastic to work for. Then I got a job with a man from India who takes in work and then gives it out to his writers. I have had nothing but trouble writing anything for him except for re-writing these soft porn stories. It pisses me off that he gives me other writing jobs such as a blog post that I got a three-word title for. It didn’t turn out as the client wanted. I’m partially to blame on that as I didn’t realize I was supposed to mind-read what was wanted. Then I had this description of a product to do. It was omitted that I needed to write 500 or more words. Then I wasn’t even given a chance to add to it or anything. It was like, just never mind we’ll do something else. I am considering just not doing the work for this guy anymore. I’ll continue with the pet blog.
So, with all that on my plate, I have completely neglected my own blog. My Facebook page, my Facebook group, my shop, and classes I have bought and not taken, yet. I need to make that my priority. Not this other crap.
So, for those of you reading this. I hope your holidays, as they stand in your mind, are better than mine. Living in my head is a mess. Outside, physical life isn’t so bad. I know I’m not the only one that has a hard time with this time of year. I am just part of that group. So, here is to us that have a rough time living in our heads at the end of the old year and beginning of the new. Here is to making it through and coming out on the other side with a brighter outlook.
Now, I am off to start getting back on track. Hugs to you all.
I won’t be back until after the new year.

Merry Christmas.

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