Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Celtic Sheltie Friends,

Here at the Celtic Sheltie, we are spending a cold, windy, first day of the year at home where we don’t have to get out of our pajamas if we don’t want to, where we have the option of raiding the fridge or taking a nap. The Celtic Sheltie Crew also wishes you a Happy New Year. All three of the members, Sophie, Sadie, and Acacia Coonie, are here hanging out in the bedroom with me as I write this.

Sadie and Acacia Coonie
Sophie, sleeping upside down. Shelties’ favorite sleeping position

Before Christmas, I posted on the Celtic Sheltie page, the Celtic Sheltie and Friends group, and my Facebook page about blog posts ideas. I’m planning to rotate the subjects during the week. Not sure about my schedule for that, but I am working on it. I’m also going to do Celtic Sheltie Crew journal posts. Each of the three members will take turns telling you how things are going from their point of view. You can learn more about them and their other kitty siblings that aren’t part of the crew. I’ll do history and different posts on the Celtic people and the Vikings that came after them. I’ve read some interesting stuff about the Celts, and it’s not exactly what I expected. A few other posts will include how things are going for me, plus creative things other than that Celtic Sheltie work.

I’ll post about the items I am thinking about, working on, or have finished. I’m moving over to more wirework and Viking knit things. You’ll start seeing those over the next few weeks as I get to work on them. A friend that I showed my Viking knit to suggested I make Viking knit belts and see how the LARP and other role players or cosplayers might take to them. I do know he said the LARP people would go nuts over a Viking knit belt. As that idea comes to fruition, you’ll see that. Other than that, I’ll be making the necklaces, bracelets, keyrings, etc.

I hope that this year will see us get back to normal a bit. I’ve had such a rough time during the last few months, and December was just a mess for me emotionally. I am a strange combination of an empath and introvert, so I pick up on every emotion from everywhere if I’m not careful to shield myself. Plus, I love to hide from all that. This last month has been impossible to protect myself. I cry at everything. So, yeah, it would be great if this year settled down a bit.

I’ve concluded that playing diplomat in certain situations with certain people is the wrong move. I need to start conveying my true feelings about things and people.

Another change that happened last year was my husband finally got his VA disability he’d been fighting for six years to get and was able to retire completely. He was a truck driver and was gone more than he was here, now he’s home all the time. It’s great. We were finally able to get our deck out front done. He goes and does the shopping and running some of the errands. However, that changed the dynamic of my alone time. We’ve had to adjust.

Our Deck, we built a ramp rather than stairs so it’s easier to get up and down.
10 x 45 feet. We are planning on making an outside living room and also getting a nice outside dining table. When spring rolls around again we will build a roof over it as well. Love it. We put a gate up so we can let the girls out, but they can’t run out into the yard without us.

Look for me to announce my website where I’ll have a store. I’ll keep my Etsy store for the time being, but I am looking to move away from them and run my site and store. I think it will be easier for people to contact me from a site rather than Etsy.

I’ll also get back to my Instagram and Pinterest as well. I never did get Pinterest going well for the Celtic Sheltie, but I’ll work on that.

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s celebration, no matter how you did it. I hope you have a great year ahead. Please stick with us. The Celtic Sheltie Crew will keep you entertained, and I’ll try to keep you in cool handmade items and other news.

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