Celtic Sheltie Crew Monday Journals

Every Monday one of the Celtic Sheltie Crew will post a journal page. I’m going by their ages so Sophie Dog is first, then Acacia Coonie, and last, but not least Sadie Pup. These posts will hopefully be fun and give you an insight into the crew’s personalities. Keep reading to find out a bit about Sophie Dog.

January 4th, 2021

Hi, my name is Sophie, and I’m eleven years old. I’m a Shetland Sheepdog or Sheltie as they are known. We are a herding dog, bred in Scotland to herd the sheep in the highlands.

Sophie in Black and white.

My dad brought me home when I was six weeks old for my mom. She needed lots of love because my (human) brother Shane had passed away, and mom was so sad. I helped her feel better and helped her take care of my other (human) brother Patrick. When Patrick died just over a year later, I was there for mom. Mom was even sadder than she was without Shane.

Baby Sophie at six weeks. Right after she came home.

Mom says I’m her little psychiatrist and that I keep her sane. I beg to differ. Mom can be so crazy. She has times she cries a lot. She gets sad. I try my best and give her big Sheltie hugs to make her quit crying and smile. It works most of the time, even if only for a moment. When that happens, I keep going back and giving her hugs.

I love to go for rides and get so mad when mom and dad don’t take me. These days, I have a little Sheltie sister who has to stay home with me if I don’t get to go. She taught me how to howl. I used to only bark, but Sadie knows how to make that howling sound. When we are sure mom and dad have left us, we bark and howl to let them and all the neighbors know that we were left home alone with the cats.

Most of the time, we get to go because mom will sit in the truck with us. We don’t go if mom can’t sit in the vehicle while dad does the shopping.

Well, that’s enough today. I’ve got treats to beg for, cats to chase, and a baby sister to mouth wrestle.

Have a great day!

Sophie Dog

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