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Acacia Coonie’s Journal


Hi, my name is Acacia, and I’m a Maine Coon. I’m what is called a Torbie. I’m tortoiseshell and tabby colored. I’ll be nine years old on July 23rd. I was twelve weeks old when I came to live with Sophie and my other kitty siblings. Mom and dad call me Coonie most of the time instead of Acacia.

This is Acacia Coonie

Several of my kitty siblings are gone now. Two of my kitty brothers Bobber and Patrick died. Bobber was my lovey. I even had a kitten with him, but our kitten didn’t survive. Bobber just died one day. He was asleep on one of the dinner trays when he just rolled off and fell to the floor. He was gone when mom and dad got to him. I missed him for a long time. I called and called for him, but he was gone forever. Patrick Cat got sick. Mom thought it was probably cancer because he wasted away.

Maybe I should tell you about my kitty siblings who are still here. There is Little Man. He was born a year before me. Mom keeps saying he was just a tiny baby, and she had to bottle feed him and his three littermates. They were known as the Furry Four. There are only two of them left—Little Man and Izabella. Alex and Fenris died, too. That is how things go in a pet household.  Gracie was the matriarch kitty in the house. She was twenty years old from what we could tell, but sadly a week before Christmas 2020 we had to let her go. Cinnamon, Scoundrel, and Thumbs are the other kitties I live with and of course Sophie and Sadie. Maybe next time I’ll share pictures of everyone.

How about some positive things? I love to sleep on the bed at night with mom, dad, Sophie, and Sadie. However, Sophie and Sadie don’t like me on the bed. I tend to make biscuits and sometimes get carried away and knead on their fluffy Sheltie butts. They don’t seem to like that and will growl or snap at me. Sometimes I knead so near to them so they will move and I can get my favorite spot. I also love sleeping under the covers with mom. She will tuck me in and wrap her arms around me while I make biscuits. I don’t know which of us enjoys that more, mom or me.  

I am a quiet kitty most of the time, but a girl has to let her hair down and race through the house once in a while. It’s so much fun!

Well, it’s time for this kitty girl to get some rest.

Until next time I hope you enjoy this read.

Acacia Coonie

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