Where did the Celtic People Originate?

Where Did the Celts Originate?

No one is certain where the Celtic people originated, but what is known is that they can trace their roots back to the bronze age. Most of us think of the Celts as Irish. However, the Celts were far more widespread than most of us are aware. Keep reading to find out where the Celtic peoples lived. We may not know where they originated, but we know where they lived and how they spread.

Where did the Celtic people live?

It appears that some of the first Celtic peoples, called the Hallstatt culture, developed near the Danube river in Austria. They further developed into the La Tene culture, where the Celtic language started. It was comfortable for people to live and work together with a common language, but it also led to too many people in one area. This common ground led to the Great Celtic Migration.

The Celtic people spread from the Danube area too much of the ancient world. By 200 BCE, people who spoke the Celtic language spread to Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, The Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, and some areas of Turkey. That is a massive amount of the ancient world where these people lived and spoke a Celtic language.

This bit is just a small amount of information I’ve read about the Celtic peoples. What do you think? Did you have any idea that Celtic peoples spread so far? These articles won’t be very long to get a small bit of information that you can think about without too much at once. I find it’s nice to digest a little bit at a time.  I hope you find this interesting.

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