Celtic Sheltie Crew Monday Journals

Sadie Pup’s Journal Entry


Hi, I’m Sadie. I’ll be four years old on February 17th. Daddy picked me up when I was twelve weeks old, and I was 16 weeks old when we got home. Daddy drove a truck, and the company couldn’t seem to get him a load back home, so I spent three weeks on the road with him. I am daddy’s doggy more than mom’s, but I love them both.

I love chasing my kitty. His name is Thumbs. He’s called that because he has extra toes on his front feet that look like thumbs. I love to roll him around on the living room floor. He grabs me, and I get away, then we do it all again until we wear out. I have other kitty siblings, but they aren’t as much fun as Thumbs is.

We had an adventure on Friday, January 15th. My big Sheltie sister Sophie went to the vet and had her teeth cleaned, and some pulled. I didn’t know what to think when we left her there. Then when we went back, I went inside with mom and dad. There were so many people and dogs. All the people had masks on so I couldn’t see their faces. It scared me, and I shook so bad at first, but mom and dad were right there with me. Once I knew it was going to be okay, I stopped shaking. Someone called my name, and mom took me to the room. First, we had to weigh me. I weigh 29lbs. I got two shots in my butt and one in my shoulder, and then they put some medicine in my mouth. We had to do that twice cause the first time I spit it out, it all landed in mom’s hand. We all thought that was funny.

Sadie resting her head on Acacia Coonie

I love to bark at everything and tell whatever it is what it should be doing. I have to keep order in the house, the yard, the world! I am a Sheltie, and that is what we do. We rule the world.

So, tired.

I’ll be back in three weeks to tell you more about me and my life.

Sadie Pup

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