Sophie’s Monday Journal



Sophie relaxing on the couch.

Mom took me to the vet just over a week ago. We usually go for shots or checkups and get to come home. We got up early, loaded in the truck, and she took me to that smelly, noisy place. There were so many other dogs and a few kitties, too. We waited and waited to see the doctor. I was nervous, the doctor’s place always does this to me, so I started to tremble. Mom kept petting me and telling me it was okay.

Before we were taken to a room, one of the techs weighed me and led us to a room where mom held me while she took my temperature and asked a few questions. Then she left. When the doctor came in, she looked me over and checked my teeth. She told mom they would take good care of me. I didn’t know mom was leaving me for the day.

Another tech came and took me from mom. I know mom was so nervous about leaving me. I picked up on it earlier but didn’t know why. After they took me back to my kennel at the vet’s, I knew why mom was so nervous. Then it was my turn. They took blood for a full blood workup to make sure I was healthy enough for what was happening. After I woke up, I found out that they had to remove five teeth and cleaned the rest. I was still groggy when mom got me. She had to hold me on her lap all the way home. That was the first time we got to ride in front of the new truck. Dad says riding in the back is better in the new truck. He even got us a sling-type cover, so we don’t get the seats all hairy. I hate to tell him this, but Sheltie hair gets everywhere. There is no escape.

Now, I am on soft food for thirty days. I guess it has to be that long because of all the teeth removed, including a canine. They told mom something about a vein running close to where my canine tooth was. We have to make sure that heals, so we don’t cut that vein open. So far, I love soft food. I hope mom keeps feeding us the wet food.

I hope you are all well. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks to tell you more.


Sophie Dog

NOTE FROM MOM: I didn’t think about getting pictures of Sophie before we dropped her off or after I picked her up. I was so, so, happy to have her back in my arms in one piece and doing well that pictures were the last thing on my mind.

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