Sadie’s Monday Journal

Sadie’s Monday Journal


Sleepy Sadie

It snowed! I got to see and play in the snow! We don’t get much snow where we live. Mom says it’s not uncommon, but we don’t get a lot.  About four inches fell here and stayed on the ground for me to play in.

Snow out the windshield of our pickup.

Daddy threw snowballs for me to chase, but when I went to catch them and bring them back, they would fall apart and drop to the ground. Then I couldn’t find my snowball. So, I would nose around and finally run back to dad. He would throw another snowball, and off I’d go.

Mom even took us out in the big back yard and let us run around. Well, I ran around. Sophie followed mom so close and stopped whenever mom did. She wouldn’t play in the snow. I did though, I ran and jumped and barked up a storm. It was so much fun! Sophie is a spoilsport. Of course, she was still healing from her dental cleaning and removals, so maybe that is why she didn’t want to play.

I don’t know if it’s supposed to storm again soon or not.

Mom changed the way we eat. She says it is a better way for our kitty brother, Little Man, and us. He weighs or did weigh about 20lbs. He’s a big kitty, but he doesn’t need to be the weight he is. So, mom is feeding us all separately, so Little Man can’t get into all the food. Our kitty brother and sisters will have a dish or two to have food out all day as they don’t overeat. Mom said they would eat on a table. Little Man will eat meals in his bowl that mom will give him. That way, she can keep track of what he eats. She said when he can jump on the table where the other kitties eat, she will know he’s on the right track. Heeheehee.  Me and Sophie get a bit of a change in diet and also snacks. Plus, mom says she will start brushing our teeth to help prevent either of us from having to have teeth pulled. Shelties are prone to tartar build-up on their teeth, so mom wants to help as much as she can to keep us healthy.

I also now know how to get mom up when I want her to take us out and feed us breakfast. All I have to do is climb up on top of her and lick her face. That makes her wake up quickly. She usually grumbles at me, but eventually, she gets up and takes us outside. Then we get breakfast. I love eating the new food because mom added soft or wet food.

I’ll go now; I hope you like my post.  Acacia Coonie won’t post for a while. She says she is a Maine Coon, and she is the queen of her home and will be napping for the time being. Heeheehee. She is a cat. But a doggy like a cat. She is more like us than the other kitties. When she has something important to say, maybe she will post.

Sadie Pup

P.S. Mom is still working on pictures. She hasn’t quite got the mindset that she should snap pictures she can add to our posts. Hang in there. She will get it.

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