Sophie’s Monday Journal

My mouth feels a lot better after healing up for three weeks. I am happier than I have been for a long time. I had the grumpies all the time before mom took me to have my teeth done. I am still eating wet food, but mom has been putting some hard food with the soft food and soaking it with a little warm water.

I play with Sadie more now, and I love to race through the house with her now. We still mouth wrestle and play tug of war. It’s more fun now that I’m not hurting or in discomfort.

Feeling Better

I want to tell you a secret, I love mom or dad to carry me to bed at night, so I act like I can’t get on the bed, but I can. I did that the other day when mom was on the bed with Sadie. So, I guess the gig is up. Dad still carried me to bed last night, so I think I always get that luxury. Mom and dad keep talking about getting steps for the bed so I can climb them rather than trying to jump.

It’s been warm here where we are. Other Shelties are playing in the snow while we are here playing in the sun and sand. That wasn’t the case a couple of weeks ago. It snowed here, right at four inches here at our house. I’m not too fond of snow or rain. I get wet, and I wouldn’t say I like that. Plus, who wants to pee out in the rain and snow? When I was a puppy, mom spanked my butt because she’d taken me out to go potty when it was raining. She brought me back in and put me on the bed so we could go to sleep, and I squatted to pee. The bed was a much warmer, drier place to potty. Anyway, she smacked my little butt and said, “We don’t pee on the bed.” I got taken back outside to do my duty. I peed. Mom told me I was a good girl and hugged me when she dried me off. I will never forget that. I won’t ever pee on the bed, ever.

I hope you are all having a good day.

I’ll be back in two weeks to tell you about what’s going on with my family and me.

Sophie Dog

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