Sadie’s Monday Journal

Too Cute!

Hi, it’s me, Sadie Pup. Mom took me to the vet again on Friday. I got a shot to finish off this round of shots. I’m not too fond of the vet’s. It’s noisy and stuffy hot. All those people, other doggies, and some kitties all waiting to be seen. It’s crazy. I tried to tell mom no, I don’t want to go in there, but she picked me up and carried me through the door. Checked us in, and we sat down.

I met a Jack Russel mix. Her name is Angel. She was getting a check-up and her claws trimmed. We sniffed to greet each other. She was nice but didn’t like two Dachshunds that came in. She growled at them. Not sure what was wrong with them. They seemed fine to me.  

Her person wanted to pet me, but I was not too fond of that idea. I’m not sure about people I don’t know. I don’t want them to pet me or get close.

Angel and her mom got called back before us, so my friend had to say goodbye. We waited and watched other doggies go in the back and come back out to go home. Some, it seems, were there all day, like Sophie when she had her dental procedure. I’ll be going to have my teeth cleaned, too—this following Monday. Then I’ll have to stay all day. Not sure what to think about that.

The lady that made our appointment asked if I was four years old yet. Guess they don’t do dental before we are four. I’ll be four on the seventeenth of February. I’ll be four just in time for my appointment. The vet said it would be good to get my teeth cleaned now as I show tartar on my back molars. We want to have my teeth cleaned, so I don’t get as bad as Sophie and lose teeth. They also asked mom if she wanted them to spay me, too, at the same time. Mom declined at the moment. She’ll have that done later.

Oh, and remember one of us told you all about Little Man. My large-sized kitty brother has lost some weight since mom changed the way we all eat. He can’t eat out of a dish with food available all the time now.

It was funny, yesterday mom found him on the table where she keeps the other kitties’ dishes of food. He wasn’t eating, though. The table is in the bathroom under the towel rack. He pulled the towels down and was sleeping on them. Mom told him if he was hungry from now on, he could jump up there to eat. He follows her all day, trying to get her to fill his dish on the floor, but she won’t do that until nighttime when Sophie and I go to bed. Otherwise, we love kitty food and will eat it all. Heeheehee. What? It’s good.

Mom also bought a fountain type waterer. I love it. I can drink from the streams instead of out of the bowl all the time.

Ok, I hope you enjoy my story.

Have a great day!

Sadie Pup

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