Sophie’s Monday Journal

Hi, Sophie here,

Mom didn’t post last week because we had a big day that day. Sadie had a dental. She lost two teeth. Mom was surprised that Sadie had to have two teeth taken. We hadn’t expected her to lose any. She did well. We are both on just a soft food diet, so if Sadie happens to get into my food, she won’t eat the hard food.

Last week seemed like a bummer for mom, so she didn’t make any other post either. This week will be different.

I am feeling a lot better after having my teeth cleaned and those rotten ones removed. I am happier. I feel like playing and chasing Sadie. I’ve even been in the mood to keep my kitties in line. I’m not nearly as grumpy. I was grumpy for a while. I even snapped mom and dad’s feet in bed before. Now, I only do that if they scare me awake by moving unexpectedly. I also have to tell Acacia Coonie how I feel about her sharing the bed. I’m not too fond of it.

Mom and dad left us home today to take Grandma’s dog Oof to the vet for a check-up. He’s healthy but a little overweight. The vet just said he needed to lose weight and maybe at some point to have his teeth clean. How do I know that? Well, mom and dad talked to grandma about it, and we were there to hear it. Now maybe we are all healthy enough not to have to go to the doctor for a while, and then perhaps only for shots.

Well, that’s enough news for now. I hope you are all well. See you in a couple of weeks. Sadie will be back on Monday next.

Sophie Dog

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