Sadie’s Monday Journal

Hi, Sadie here,

I’m five months old here and have cradle cap on my face and nose. I finally out grew it.

What, what, what, should I tell you all? We haven’t had much excitement at home lately. I do have to say I like Sophie so much better after she had her dental. She is so much more fun now that she healed up. She had to have five teeth taken out. We play a lot now. She is happier and wants to play. We run through the house like crazy, we play tug of war, and we still mouth wrestle.

I had a dental, too, and had two teeth removed. I will finish up my antibiotics tonight. My mouth healed awesomely, and mom is ready to start feeding us more hard food. Mom says she’ll put warm water in our hard food to soften it.

Dad took us out in our side by side, which is an ATV, but it sort of looks like a little truck. Dad took us down a couple of the washes around here, which are a lot of fun when dry. You don’t want to go out in them when it’s raining. Flash floods are common, and you could get washed away.

Anyway, we saw lots of bunny and coyote tracks. We also scared a little owl out of its hiding spot and a hawk, too. So pretty. Sophie and I love to bark at all the doggies along the road when we pass their houses.

So, that is my news for now. I’ll be back in two weeks, hopefully with something good.

This is me just after daddy brought me home. I’m with my big sister, Sophie.

Sadie Pup

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