Sophie’s Monday Journal

Mom forgot to post this yesterday, Monday. She had a nasty headache, so we can’t be upset that she forgot.

Sophie Smile

We got to get the mail in the side by side the other afternoon, and then dad took us around the block so we could bark at the horses and doggies around there. We love to do that. I like to go on longer rides, but going to the mailbox was fun.

Over the weekend, we went to our favorite pizza place and got pizza. The lady that does sandwiches and salads up there makes us little doggy treat packs. She says she is Aunt Bonnie. She has two Belgian Malinois dogs, a girl, and a boy. Anyway, she spoils Sadie and me so much. Dad told her we started looking for another Sheltie puppy to add to the family, and now she asks if we’ve gotten the puppy yet. Mom is still looking for a great breeder. She found one, but they are in Pennsylvania, and we are in Arizona. So, mom wants to see if she can find someone closer to home. There are a couple in Arizona, but she needs to look at them closely before a decision.

Belgian Malinois

I feel great. I am much happier, and I play with Sadie without getting grumpy.

There isn’t much else going on. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.

Sophie Dog

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