Sadie’s Monday Journals

Hi, Sadie here,

Pretty Girl

I just finished lunch with mom. She had shrimp, snap peas, and rice noodle stir fry. It’s so good, and there is nothing in it that’s bad for me. Shrimp are high in cholesterol, but we don’t get them often. I love sharing food with mom and dad. If they aren’t eating a Sheltie-safe meal, we get doggy treats instead of tidbits.

The silly bunnies here on our property are crazy right now. They all want to make baby bunnies, and I love chasing them around. I got in trouble for trying to dig a bunny out of its hole. Daddy wasn’t happy with me. The birds are also making nests in our big tree out front. My kitty, Thumbs, loves to meow out the window at them when they are messing around in the carport while they’re making nests. He likes to grab me and play-bite my back legs. Anyway, he stands in the window and meows at those crazy birds.


Mom has been busy with all kinds of stuff now that the weather is warmer. She’s been writing her articles, editing a book for a lady, and working on jewelry pieces for one of her friends. She will be helping daddy lay a new floor in the house. I heard them talking about tearing out the kitchen cabinets and putting in new ones. That should be lots of work and something at which I can bark.

Barking Girl

With the weather pleasant, we get to go outside and spend more time outdoors.

I’m not sure what we’ll get up to the rest of the week, but Sophie should be here this following Monday with some news.

See you later,

Sadie Pup

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