Sophie’s Monday Journal

Hi, it’s Sophie.

Mom is late with my post, so this should be titled Sophie’s Tuesday Journal, but we’ll just let that slide. She had this written last night and then decided since she was talking about the trees and birds that she would get some pictures of the big tree budding and putting leaves on, the bird nests, and the one little tree that froze, split, and survived only to beat out the genetic modifications they made to it to make it fruitless. It now makes fruit.

Baby Mulberries

Dad took the furnace out of our house today. When I say house, I mean that our house is an old mobile home or trailer if you prefer. It’s a 1966 model, and it appears it was top of the line when built.  It’s three years older than mom. The furnace started acting up years ago before my human brothers passed away. It would be too expensive to have the thing fixed, and there was no way mom and dad could afford a new one, so they shut it down and used the excellent electric heaters. These heaters aren’t like the old shed or barn heaters. They’re made to heat houses.

Mom can now have a place to store some of the small kitchen appliances, pots and pans, and some other items in there. She and dad keep talking about tearing the cabinets out in the kitchen and getting new ones. Tonight, they talked about some of the odd wiring, like the wiring that came off the furnace and another place where they took the old gas cook top out and took the fan out. Now that wire has an outlet hooked to it, but the outlet is in the cupboard for light under the cabinets. They said they would need to figure out what to do with those when they get ready to place the new cabinets.

Anyway, that’s enough about mom and dad. I’ve been a busy girl out chasing the bunnies outside that are all excited about making babies. Mom said we’d have to leave the babies alone when they start coming out of their dens, but what is the fun in that. She told us that we are just a bit too rough with baby bunnies. I accidentally killed one a few years ago. I try to listen to mom, but sometimes I get to chasing and don’t hear a word she says. That’s how I got lost last year. Now, mom has a GPS collar on me all day long. We get to have them off at night to sleep, though.

The trees here are getting their leaves. They are so green. Birds are starting to build their nests in the big tree out front, and the bees try to get pollen of the flowers that never flower because our trees are fruitless mulberry. Mom says she wants to grow a garden that will feed the bees and butterflies and attract hummingbirds. We get them all here, but there is nothing that keeps them here. Mom talks, but it seems like she gets busy and doesn’t get some of her ideas off the ground.

Here is to mom getting some of her ideas out of her head and into reality.

I hope you all had a great Easter Sunday!

Sophie Dog

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