Sadie’s Monday Journal

Hi, Sadie Pup here,

Sadie begging

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. It’s Monday and I know lots of humans hate Mondays because they must go to work and get their human business done. I don’t mind Mondays they are just another day to me.

Dad is busy cleaning up our property. We don’t have chickens anymore, so he took down the chicken coops. He said they were junk anyway. He said he just threw up anything to keep the chickens in rather than building a good coop. Mom wants more chickens at some point, but dad doesn’t. Not right away. Mom says she’ll get a coop like the one our outside kitty sisters live in. And she told dad she just wants six Easter egger hens. Maybe on rooster at some point to hatch baby Easter eggers.

Easter Egger Hen

We’ve bee keeping mom company in the bedroom today. She had a bad morning. Stress and depression got to her and she fought with grandma and came back to the house in tears. Sometimes that happens. Me and Sophie try to take care of her the best we can. I get really upset and scared when she is upset. Sophie knows mom’s emotions and moods. She just got on the bed and hugged mom and let her know she was there for her.

Mom’s doing better after we had some early lunch. What do humans call that? Branch? Brinch? Oh, no, that’s called Brunch. I remember now. She is now back in the bedroom and writing this for me since I can type. I can use a touch screen, but I have no idea what I’m doing. I can’t read. Not human writing anyway.

Well, I guess I’ll go spend some more time with mom, so she’ll feel better.

Love you all.

Sadie Pup

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