Sophie’s Monday Journal

Smiley Sophie

Yesterday was a strange day for mom and dad. First, the new truck wouldn’t start, and they were afraid that the pack rats might have gotten into it. That wasn’t the case. The battery was dead. The crazy thing is that dad put a rodent repeller in the truck, and it was working until the battery died. When he opened the hood, there were rat tracks in the dust.

Dad had to go all the way into town to get a battery since it was Sunday. However, he may have had to do that anyway. There is a specific battery for this truck. Once we got the battery in the truck, it was good. It started right up. The only thing is that it took a while for the Sirius XM radio to come back. Guess that was because vehicles now are computers on wheels. Heeheehee.

Then last night, the wind blew so hard that the aluminum dad was taking off Grandma’s old travel trailer blew off the other trailer he put it in and scared us because he’d put it under the carport. The aluminum banged against the aluminum of the carport. We all jumped. So, mom and dad went out and put weights on the stuff to stay put until this morning.

Now the wind is blowing again, but dad got all the aluminum picked up and tied down.

We went to Sonic and got hamburgers for supper last night. I love hamburgers and fries. Mom shares her fries and some of her burgers with Sadie and me.

Not much else going on here right now, so I guess I’ll go. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks. Sadie will be here next week.

Sophie Dog

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