Sadie’s Monday Journal

Hi everyone,

Mom would like me to tell everyone that my adopted brother Shane let her know that he and his brother changed their new company. The new name is Kokopelli contractors. We hope they do well in their new venture.

Mom gave me CBD oil for about a week to help me through my heat period. She isn’t quite ready to have me spayed. I don’t know what that means. Anyway, I get so restless and a bit grumpy when I’m in heat. The CBD oil kept me calm, made me feel better, and let me sleep at night.

Mom is working hard on some anger issues she’s had for some time. Not many people know about this as some of the things that have happened have stayed at home. Nothing terrible happened, but mom is ashamed that her anger can control her, and she can’t stop these fits, as she calls them. She’s working to find the things that trigger these angry fits to see if they build up over trivial things.

We are getting excited about her new shed. She’ll have her own space to do her projects, and the back bedroom can return to a bedroom. Mom will have fun redecorating. First, she wants to pull the old paneling down and do drywall and fix the wall plugs. The painting and redecorating. She’s working on a blue ombre’ rectangle granny afghan for the bed back there. I’ll have to share a picture later when I get mom to take one. We have a twin mattress Dad used in the truck when he drove truck. So, we’ll only need a frame for the bed. We can look for a dresser and nightstand if required.

So, that is what is going on here. Sophie will be here following Monday with some news.

Love you all,


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