Sadie’s Monday Journal

Sadie Pup here,

Mom hasn’t posted one of our Monday journals for two weeks, and she says she’s sorry. She didn’t mean to skip two weeks. Things have been busy.

It was so hot last week. Mom and Dad wouldn’t let us out too long and made us stay in the shade under the big tree to do our potty duties. This week isn’t supposed to be as hot, but it is Summer, and we live in the desert. Our kitty sisters have a mister kit out in their kennel, and it keeps them cool. But, they can’t be inside as they aren’t fixed, and they are naughty in the house. They tend to poo and pee in places they aren’t supposed to go potty.

Mom is still in idea mode for the kitchen. She wasn’t sure about the colors for the kitchen. She was also not sure about cabinet colors, whether to stain or paint them. She has come up with a couple of ideas. Mom will make a resin river bed countertop with rocks, cactus wood, and possibly sand. She wants to use a bit of color in the resin at the bottom and then clear the rest of the way. She had a hard time figuring out how she would do this with the countertop in place. She finally realized she could use the trim around the edges as trim for the resin and use it as a damn to hold the epoxy, and there won’t be a reason to take the frame off. All she will need to do is route it and finish it.

Mom loves creative stuff. She told daddy yesterday she could do anything from building a house to small jewelry pieces.

Well, anyway, that is what is going on in our house. So I hope you are all well out there.

Mom says she will try not to miss two weeks again on our posts.

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