Sophie’s Monday Journal

Hi everyone, it’s Sophie.

It is so hot here. We’ve had temperatures up to 112 F. Too hot for little doggy feet. Mom and dad won’t let us out in the hottest part of the afternoon unless we really need to go potty. Then we can only go under the big tree at the bottom of the ramp in our front yard. There is a chance of rain tomorrow and it is a bit cooler. Summer in the desert is supposed to be hot, but this year has been hotter than many before.

Mom is still waiting on her shed. Last Wednesday was the eight weeks mark they told us it would take. We can find out where in the construction the shed is, only if the delivery man has it on his list. That make mom a bit nervous and worried just because there is no way to check on the shed. She’ll be okay, just must be patient waiting for it to get here.

Dad laid the living room floor over the weekend. It looks nice. Sadie and I don’t slip on it like we did the old floor. Dad also ordered a nice rug for the center of the room. Mom will be working on custom baseboards and trim. She says she’ll send a picture when she has one.

Sadie and I didn’t like the house being torn up. It upset us quite a bit, but now we like the new floor.

Hope you all are well and that it’s not too hot where you are. We’ll be staying inside where it is cool and easy on our little doggy feet.

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