Sadie’s Monday Journal

Dad laid the living room flooring a couple of weeks ago. We all love it. It’s not as slick as the other flooring, so Sophie and I don’t slip, but on top of the new flooring, Dad ordered a new rug. It’s room-sized, so it almost fits the whole living room. We love it even more than the new flooring. No slipping. That makes it easier for us to play. We all love laying on it too. It’s so soft and comfy. We can all take a nap on the rug.

Dad also put in some plywood panels in the cabinet they are making from where the furnace was. It needed some added strength and thickness so mom can put in the rolling shelves and a rolling cart for the mineral water and soda. Mom still has to put up the drawer glides and then make the drawer/shelves for it.

Mom has also been upgrading one of her old cedar chests. The one she is working on is at least ninety-seven years old. It was given to her paternal grandmother by her father on Christmas of 1924. So, it has seen some wear and tear. The lid split a while back, and mom wanted to try to use some epoxy resin to seal it back together. She spent time with wood carving tools to widen the crack to pour colored epoxy into the space, kind of like one of those river tables, but on a tiny scale. After that is done, she will pour resin over the whole thing to seal it. Should make the cedar chest last another hundred years. If that project works, she will also do that to a dresser top that has the same problem. Living in the desert isn’t suitable for some wood furniture, but what furniture now can stand up to a hundred years of existence?

Mom and dad are still waiting on her shed to get here. Dad got the papers for it on Friday for the payment information, so we hope the delivery guy messages us soon to deliver it. I think mom thinks she’ll never get it. I know she wants it to set up her shop/studio/office out there, and dad wants it so we can clean out the back bedroom and turn it back into a bedroom. It was only ever supposed to be mom’s studio/office, but it turned into a storage area of sorts not, what mom had in mind.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Sophie should be back next week to update you all on our doings around here. Hopefully, mom can start posting some things about her work. She always says if she’d remember to take her phone with her and get pictures so that she could post her projects, but about the time she remembers, she’s nearly done with whatever it was.

I hope you are all having a lovely summer. It was so hot here for about a week, and now it’s not so bad. Still hot compared to other places, but this is the desert, so it’s normal. I should have told you about the big storm we had. Maybe Sophie can tell you about that next week.

Sadie, signing off.

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