Sophie’s Monday Journal

I know Sadie posted about daddy laying the new living room flooring. I love the new floor, especially after he also put a new room-sized rug. It’s so soft and excellent for naps.

We’ve gone another week, and mom is still waiting for her shed. We are now at twelve weeks, thirteen on Thursday. Mom wants her shed so she and daddy can move on with other projects. Mom says she knows that sounds strange, but her shed for temporary storage and workshop for the kitchen items and for her to work on the new kitchen cabinets. So, the time it’s taking them to get the shed here is taking up the time mom and dad could work on the kitchen. Of course, the heat here is also an issue. We live in Arizona, I’m sure we’ve told you that before, but it’s hot and right now humid. We’ve had some monsoon storms, which made it steamy outside. So, there isn’t much working outside for mom and dad.

Our one storm was massive. It came in rough. The wind came out of the north sideways. That made us discover that our one living room window still leaks, but it only does that when the rain and wind some in a certain way. It poured for about half an hour to forty-five minutes, and the power was off for just a pinch longer than that. The roads and washes ran like white water rivers for quite sometime after the rain passed. We get flash floods here quite a bit, but this storm was massive, and the water ran solid and fast. Some people who got caught in the washes were lost. Sad.

Mom did get part of the cedar chest lid done. She poured the resin into the space between the two pieces, and it set up quite nicely. She had to sand it and then add another layer of wax for the whole top to finish. So, that project is working well so far. She stenciled one of her custom baseboards and will be carving them as soon as she can find a cool time outside to work on it.

Mom had a terrible acid attack from her acid reflux the other night. She said it went into her nasal passage as well as up her throat. She coughed and coughed so hard it hurt her stomach muscles, and then her other muscles tensed up and gave her a horrible headache that held on for two days. She’s tried to get through taking Tylenol, but for some reason, Tylenol won’t touch the pain when she has one of those headaches. So, she finally had to take some aspirin.

She is feeling much better today, and that is how my post is getting typed up. If it wasn’t for mom, I couldn’t type my Monday Journal. I’d have to bop the buttons with my nose, and it would take forever. So you might not even see a post for months if I had to type.

Mom made shrimp-fried rice for lunch today. Her first try. She said it turned out okay, but the rice was a bit sticky. Daddy said not enough eggs. The recipe said two eggs, mom put five in, and it still seemed like too little. So, she’ll try more next time. Anyway, I didn’t care. Sadie and I got doggy treats. The fried rice has onion in it, and doggies aren’t supposed to have onions.

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