Sadie’s Monday Journal

Mom told me to apologize to you all for not being around and not posting our journal entries on a timely basis. She hasn’t had the best few months after losing her mom in November of 2021, but she also feels she has been lazy and neglectful to the blog and the whole Celtic Sheltie business. She almost even quit her writing job with Shaun, the English gentleman for who she writes articles.

Sophie and I have tried to take care of mom the best we can, along with Dad. But, we are all at whits end sometimes as there is no consoling her. She gets sad, and I don’t know what else you’d call it. I know that Sophie and I are pretty sensitive to her moods. I’ve become better at it, so Sophie lets me take care of mom a little more than she does. I guess the old Sheltie lady has semi-retired her counselor job for mom. Heehee. I don’t mind. I love mom.

Mom’s shed is finally coming along. Dad will be putting in electricity this next week. Then they are going to put down some flooring. They have decided to try the peel and stick flooring as it is the best price. The other flooring is so expensive now. That makes mom sad, too. Everything is going up in price. I know she has a hard time some days with the state of things in the world. I don’t understand, and really, I get upset if dad goes outside without me. The Human world is not my concern. As long as I get treats, a warm bed to sleep in, and my meals on time, it’s all good. But mom does get sad over the state of things.

Mom is making dad a gator navy blanket and a vinyl decal for the truck window. What do you think?

Original Image
Mom cleaned it up here.
The beginnings of the blanket.

It snowed here in Arizona on Wednesday, the 23rd, 2022. Not much, just a dusting. I know mom would love it if it snowed enough to cover the ground and stick for a few days. But that doesn’t ever happen here.

Well, I guess I’ll go. I’m going to lay in front of the bedroom door. Dad hasn’t gotten up yet. The day can’t start until dad is up.

Sadie Pup

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