Sophie’s Monday Journal

Sophie here, it’s Tuesday morning instead of Monday. Mom was a bit stressed yesterday. She had to get her mammogram. I’m not sure what that is, but she was stressed over it. She told dad that she was wearing a mask and baring her breasts. He thought that was funny, but I don’t know why. So, today she’s helping me write my journal entry to share with you all.

Mom has been working on refinishing her mission style futon furniture so she can put it on the deck for outdoor furniture. We have family coming to visit in May for a week. Should be fun. Sadie might not like it much at first. She is kind of weird when it comes to other people.

Dad is still getting mom’s shed wired for electricity. Hopefully that will be done soon. Then mom can put up the stairs, finish the walls, and lay flooring so she can set up her shop/studio/office spaces.

Mom wrote a funny little story with Sadie and I in it. She thought it might be a great way to liven up our journal days with something when there’s nothing going on at the Celtic Sheltie that’s newsworthy.

Here is the story. We’d love to know what you think about it. It’s all tell and no show as most writers will tell you. It’s better to show what’s going on and not just tell your readers. But this is a practice to see how readers might like these little stories. If they do, there will be more and better little stories.

Sophie, Sadie, and the Sheltie Druids

Sophie and Sadie were always curious about the ancient Sheltie druids. Rumors had been going around for years that they were real, and the two sheepdogs were determined to find them. So, one day, they packed their bags and went on a journey to Scotland.

It was a long journey, but they finally made it to the Scottish Highlands. They explored the forests and hills, looking for any clues about the whereabouts of the druids. After weeks of searching, they finally found a hidden cave.

They entered the cave, and after exploring for a while, they came to an underground chamber. The center of the chamber held an ancient altar with strange symbols carved into it.

Sophie and Sadie were so excited to have found signs of the ancient Sheltie druids. They studied the carvings on the altar, trying to figure out what they meant. Suddenly, a beautiful white sheltie entered the chamber. She asked Sophie and Sadie what they were doing there.

Sophie explained they were looking for the ancient druids. The white sheltie told them she was a druid, and that she could help them find the others. She led them down a hidden passage to an underground chamber where the other druids were waiting.

The druids welcomed Sophie and Sadie warmly and explained that they had been waiting for them. They showed Sophie and Sadie how to find someone like them if they ever needed help. During their time with the Sheltie druids, Sophie and Sadie learned many lost skills and magick work that only the druids knew. They showed the girls how to use the ancient magick of the druids to protect the earth and its people. It amazed Sophie and Sadie all they learned. They knew the druids would always be there for the Sheltie people of the world.

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