Let’s Try This Again…

Hi everyone, Sophie here. We’ve been missing in action since February of this year. Mom wanted us to apologize to everyone. Things just haven’t been quite right for mom since her mom passed away in November last year. Mom would like you all to know she is working on things behind the scenes here at The Celtic Sheltie. Mostly ideas and getting things organized so she can do all the things.

Mom has issues with depression and sometimes gets stuck in her head rather than living out here. She knows that shouldn’t be an excuse and isn’t trying to make it her reason to disappear, but it is what it is. Some people can accept her that way, and others may move on, which is okay.

As for me, I am feeling my age a bit. I have slowed down, and my legs don’t go quite as fast as they used to. But, I can still keep up with my baby sister and give her a run for her money. Mom has started giving me CBD oil and is now trying some chews to see if they can help my joints and snapping at Sadie in bed. I know I was terrible for a while. Every time Sadie, mom, or dad moved, I’d bark and snap at them. I do have some fatty deposits on my body, but mom doesn’t want to do anything about them unless they start to bother me or get in my way. I agree with her. I don’t want to go to the vet and have an operation unless necessary.

Sadie here. Mom has some exciting ideas and wants to get to work on them. Dad is finally helping her get her shed…studio/office/workshop finished so she can get out there and do everything she wants to so she can share with you all. That was her plan on this blog since the beginning. She wants to do the things, take pictures, possibly videos (no promises there, that is a big step outside her comfort zone), and write about all those things.

Sophie and I try to take care of Mom the best we can. It isn’t always easy to do, but we continue to keep her under supervision.

Mom is excited about her shed getting done. Dad has put insulation and flooring down in half of it, plus he bought her two tables and two workbenches. She also has a corner desk, dress, and shelves, both floor type and wall shelves for storage. Mom will be able to do all kinds of things out there soon. Mom also said she would make us a Sheltie station where we would have food, water, and a little snoozing area. So, we’ll be able to spend a lot of time with her unless she’s working on something that might stir up sawdust. She doesn’t want us to breathe that stuff, and we can’t wear masks, so we’ll have to stay in the house if she does woodworking in her shed. She also doesn’t want to call it a she shed, so we’ll have to find another really cool name.

We’ll go for now and see you the following Monday.

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