I Just Wanted to be Your Friend Plus Baby Cacti and A Happy Doggy

Hi, this is Sophie. Have you ever tried to be a friend to someone who just doesn’t get it? Mom has gone through that with someone. She doesn’t want me to go into detail because this isn’t the place to air dirty laundry if you get my meaning.

On lighter matters, Mom has three tiny, baby barrel cacti she has started from seeds. She planted around fifty seeds and got three babies. We plan on keeping you all post on them as they grow. If they grow. Mom has never raised them before. She got some big ones from a neighbor years ago and that’s where the seed came from.

One baby cactus.
Two baby cacti.

Sadie here. I’m so excited. I got my Barkbox today with new toys and snacks. I was so excited I just had to play right away.

We have pictures of mom’s shed inside for those of you who want to see it. It’s looking pretty good. Dad is getting ready to put the wall panels up here soon. The half the shed will be done and Mom can do few things to get that side set up. I’ll remind her to take pictures as she goes.

Well, it looks like that is our news this week. Look for more on the shed and the baby cacti.

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