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Baby Cactus Update and Aging Doggy Problems

Sadie here. Mom says she knows we haven’t posted in a while. We were supposed to update you on the baby cacti, but two of the ones that sprouted died. Mom thinks she transplanted them too soon. She had put them in pots of their own. However, right after she transplanted those, she tried mixing seed starter soil and sand together and threw some seeds into the starter pot to see if they would sprout. Boy, did they! As you can see in the pictures, there are so many baby cacti that Mom doesn’t know what she will do with them. So, she is taking it slower with these and will be updating on them. So far, it’s been about three weeks since they sprouted. Today mom said some of them were starting to get their first spikes.

Sophie here. Mom noticed about a month ago that the bed was getting wet overnight. At first, she thought it was Sadie or me licking the blankets. I didn’t dare to tell her I was having pee accidents. She didn’t realize it until daddy and Sadie got up one morning, and she went back to sleep in a dry spot on the bed right up next to her and woke again with a wet area. I had to tell her sorry I peed the bed. Mom ordered a set of reusable doggy diapers I wear at night so that if my bladder gets too full and I have to go, only the diaper gets wet.

She and Daddy also decided that some probiotics and bladder chews were a good idea. I also get CBD chews to keep me feeling good, and my joints and body don’t hurt. The bladder chews are mainly to help doggies with bladder control issues. I have gone about a week and two days without peeing in my diaper. Mom and Daddy also take me out more often than they were. The good chews, my diapers, and going out more often seem to be helping a lot. I even feel livelier and happier to play. I’m not so grumpy with everyone.

We helped Mom name her she shed as she doesn’t want to call it a she shed. We decided to call it The Celtic Sheltie Den. We can shorten it can just call it the den. We thought that would work.

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